Monday, February 29, 2016


     I think chapter 12 and 13 were interesting because of everything that was happening. I was surprised how she survived the fire because she got shot. I am really disappointed in Peeta for joining the careers but I think it's part of his plan. He is probably gonna go against them and kill them with Katniss. I think Rue is pointing at something that can maybe help Katniss survive or escape because I think Rue wants to protect her in a way.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


     The book that I am reading is called,"Pants On Fire"I think that if the setting changed for the choices she made like making out with Eric, it wouldn't change the choice that she made. Like if they were doing a test in the principals office, Katie would probably still let Sidney cheat off her. She would probably still make out with Eric if it was the library or something and she would still talk to Timmy like at the pools, or at her school. I still think this book is about loyalty.

Thursday, February 18, 2016


     My book is called "Pants On Fire" by Meg Cabot. So far, I think the book is talking about loyalty. First of all, when Katie let her friend, Sidney cheat off her, that was being loyal of her, especially since she didn't tell on her or anything.The second reason is because she was making out with Eric(which was NOT her boyfriend) and that is saying that she can't be loyal. The third reason was when she was talking to Timmy(I'm guessing they had a bad relation ship or something) so they can keep their friendship.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Dear diary,

     Well today I saw the girl with red hair again. From the woods? I was in abrupt. When I saw her today though, she didn't speak and her eyes were not dark, they were just droopy,they cut her tongue as well. I was speaking to Peeta on the roof and I noticed how smart he is. Already having a strategy, I mean if he lied that easily to the capitol, he could lie to me as well. He was saying how his father knew my mother back in the day when they were growing up together. My mother never told me this, but why would she hide it from me? Peeta said his dad likes Prim and I and he wishes he could have daughters. I just can't put it together, this so called"puzzle". Even though I'm not going to be alive for long, I know that the red headed girl will probably l enjoy seeing me die in the games.

     Peeta was also asking some questions about you. He was asking if we were related and if you came to say good bye to me one last time. I miss you, and how we used to hunt together in the woods. Trading with the baker or in the black market. Remember that?


Thursday, February 11, 2016


My book is called,"Pants on fire" and Katie was describing how Tommy came up and then said hi to her. I think in Sidney's perspective, it would be describing it even more than Katie did and would have said something like this,"I saw his tan skin, with his huge muscles dripping with water and his hands on his red hair. His eyes were amber and so beautiful in the sunlight. He was walking close to us and I said to Katie,"Look he is coming!"Then he walked towards us and said in his manly voice,"Hi,Katie" I didn't know Katie knew him! he was so tall and perfect, I wish he was my boyfriend! I would break up with mine to go out with this hottie." I think that's something she would say based on her personality and so on. Also so far, I don't know what Tommy did to Katie or what because Katie doesn't like to talk about him.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Today I continue reading,"Pants On Fire." By Meg Cabot. In the story, there is this girl named Katie and she has a boyfriend named Seth and a best friend named Sidney. She was working when all of a sudden this guy named Eric took the cake from out of her hands, placed it down on the table..... and kissed her on the lips. The decision she made though was to kiss him back, even though she has a boyfriend and later in the story it says they have done it before. By her actions I think that Katie is kind of unreliable or not trust worthy.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Today I am reading,"Pants on fire" by Meg Cabot. The main character in this story is Katie Ellison.She has a boyfriend named Seth and works at a place called,"Quahog"So in the story it talks about her boyfriend and best friend Sidney.In one part of the book, she said she was in 2nd grade and she sat next to the most popular girl in school,(aka Sidney). She let her cheat off her spelling test in 2nd grade because she felt pity for her when she was a wreck that day.I wouldn't do this even if they begged me for it. I once had this happen to me in my math class,this girl(not saying who) asked me for the answers for multiple problems but I simply just ignored her. I wasn't going to just give her the answers like that.By this action that she has done,  feel like she is too generous or she is someone you can easily take advantage of to get what you want,when you want. I also feel like she is kind in a way because she let Sidney copy off her paper just because she was a wreck and in a bad mood because of her cat getting surgery.

Monday, February 8, 2016


Dear Prim and mom,

     So far, I hate the capitol. I hate how these rich people enjoy the tributes killing each other just for the sake of their entertainment. Peeta has already planned a strategy,the strategy to kill me and the others. Haymitch is always drunk in the train and honestly doesn't give a crap about what people think of him. I am eating really well here.There is always some food that is left over here.Are you guys eating well? Mom how is Prim?Is she doing alright? Is the Baker trading with her like I told her to do?Is she feeling alright about the whole "volunteering as tribute"thing? You better not let me down like you did years back.

     I know that I am not going to make the games,but promise me that no matter what, Prim is going to be safe and well fed. I want to know why the people in the capitol find it"exciting" seeing kids fight to the death.This alone makes me feel disgusted. Is it because they have no pity for us poor people or they are just so ignorant to judge us just by our manners like Effie did. I can still remember when dad was here with us and he would always come home with a bunch of coal dust on his body. The only thing you and Prim have to worry about is food. If you know how to get the food for you and Prim, I won't be mad at you. You can't leave us like you did.

    Mother I know what you are thinking,"Why would she have the audacity to volunteer?" Well the answer to that is that I did it for Prim.No one else but Prim. Mom I ask you this, please don't let Prim do the teaseree. No matter what happens to me, don't let her do it!Prim is like a flower, so delicate, so beautiful and yet so innocent. You have to protect her if I'm not there for her.I can't do everything for the family you know, you have to commit to her now more than ever.


Friday, February 5, 2016


                               How I feel about blogging


        ♛❤I don't really blog much but I do like to write. I think that the idea of how everyone could see my blog is like a pro and a con. It's a pro because maybe they can help me if I had a problem like in school or something and I blogged about it. The con is that people could hate on my blog or post mean things about my personal life.Also they could screen shot it and if it's a secret or something,they can show everyone in the school. And also, the blog title could be different than the actual story or bloggers keep talking about something else instead of the blog tittle topic,which is really annoying and a waste of my time in my opinion.❤♛