Thursday, February 11, 2016


My book is called,"Pants on fire" and Katie was describing how Tommy came up and then said hi to her. I think in Sidney's perspective, it would be describing it even more than Katie did and would have said something like this,"I saw his tan skin, with his huge muscles dripping with water and his hands on his red hair. His eyes were amber and so beautiful in the sunlight. He was walking close to us and I said to Katie,"Look he is coming!"Then he walked towards us and said in his manly voice,"Hi,Katie" I didn't know Katie knew him! he was so tall and perfect, I wish he was my boyfriend! I would break up with mine to go out with this hottie." I think that's something she would say based on her personality and so on. Also so far, I don't know what Tommy did to Katie or what because Katie doesn't like to talk about him.

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