Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Dear diary,

     Well today I saw the girl with red hair again. From the woods? I was in abrupt. When I saw her today though, she didn't speak and her eyes were not dark, they were just droopy,they cut her tongue as well. I was speaking to Peeta on the roof and I noticed how smart he is. Already having a strategy, I mean if he lied that easily to the capitol, he could lie to me as well. He was saying how his father knew my mother back in the day when they were growing up together. My mother never told me this, but why would she hide it from me? Peeta said his dad likes Prim and I and he wishes he could have daughters. I just can't put it together, this so called"puzzle". Even though I'm not going to be alive for long, I know that the red headed girl will probably l enjoy seeing me die in the games.

     Peeta was also asking some questions about you. He was asking if we were related and if you came to say good bye to me one last time. I miss you, and how we used to hunt together in the woods. Trading with the baker or in the black market. Remember that?


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