Monday, February 8, 2016


Dear Prim and mom,

     So far, I hate the capitol. I hate how these rich people enjoy the tributes killing each other just for the sake of their entertainment. Peeta has already planned a strategy,the strategy to kill me and the others. Haymitch is always drunk in the train and honestly doesn't give a crap about what people think of him. I am eating really well here.There is always some food that is left over here.Are you guys eating well? Mom how is Prim?Is she doing alright? Is the Baker trading with her like I told her to do?Is she feeling alright about the whole "volunteering as tribute"thing? You better not let me down like you did years back.

     I know that I am not going to make the games,but promise me that no matter what, Prim is going to be safe and well fed. I want to know why the people in the capitol find it"exciting" seeing kids fight to the death.This alone makes me feel disgusted. Is it because they have no pity for us poor people or they are just so ignorant to judge us just by our manners like Effie did. I can still remember when dad was here with us and he would always come home with a bunch of coal dust on his body. The only thing you and Prim have to worry about is food. If you know how to get the food for you and Prim, I won't be mad at you. You can't leave us like you did.

    Mother I know what you are thinking,"Why would she have the audacity to volunteer?" Well the answer to that is that I did it for Prim.No one else but Prim. Mom I ask you this, please don't let Prim do the teaseree. No matter what happens to me, don't let her do it!Prim is like a flower, so delicate, so beautiful and yet so innocent. You have to protect her if I'm not there for her.I can't do everything for the family you know, you have to commit to her now more than ever.


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