Tuesday, February 9, 2016


Today I am reading,"Pants on fire" by Meg Cabot. The main character in this story is Katie Ellison.She has a boyfriend named Seth and works at a place called,"Quahog"So in the story it talks about her boyfriend and best friend Sidney.In one part of the book, she said she was in 2nd grade and she sat next to the most popular girl in school,(aka Sidney). She let her cheat off her spelling test in 2nd grade because she felt pity for her when she was a wreck that day.I wouldn't do this even if they begged me for it. I once had this happen to me in my math class,this girl(not saying who) asked me for the answers for multiple problems but I simply just ignored her. I wasn't going to just give her the answers like that.By this action that she has done,  feel like she is too generous or she is someone you can easily take advantage of to get what you want,when you want. I also feel like she is kind in a way because she let Sidney copy off her paper just because she was a wreck and in a bad mood because of her cat getting surgery.


  1. You should shorten yours and make it short and simple and you didn't say what this says about her.

    1. Yes I did, in the end if you didn't read it all the way through

  2. This is a good story about this book wendy