Wednesday, March 9, 2016


     I think another theme for this book is protection. The reason why is because Katniss always protects Prim and her mom. She is always there for them and she is the one who hunts for them.Gale could also be another example because he hunts for his family of 7 and he splits his finds with Katniss.Rue also protects people in a way because she did the camp fire and that was protecting Katniss so she could blow up their food. She also protected Katniss by helping her wounds and teaching her about the plants.Peeta was also protecting Katniss by helping her run when she got stung by the tracker jackers and when he gave Katniss the loaf of bread. Even though he knew he would get whipped or abused by his mother.

~You should protect those who you love in your life.

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