Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Thoughts On Animal TestingšŸ¤”

     I believe that we should NOT test on these animals. We are abusing them without their consent and since they can't talk or communicate with us in anyway, we treat them like crap. Their are many other ways we could test products to be safe for humans. For example, in vegan products, they use patches of old human skin to test if it is safe for us humans. It doesn't make sense for us to test products on other animals so it could be safe for us. Now does it? We should test on old skin patches to see if it's harmful or helpful for us. Now if you're talking about how we should treat a polar bear vs  a grasshopper, I say we should treat them the same because that wouldn't be fair towards the animal.

     Testing on other animals could cause a different chemical reaction then on a human so it would only be logical if we tested on our skin patches. There are plenty on vegan products that work and don't abuse those poor animals. Us humans believe we are more intelligent than most animals like chickens or cows. We are being inhuman by the way we are treating these innocent animals. They give us no consent, they can't communicate with us or say how they feel. It is never okay to test on animals. Even if you had a drug o save all these animals it isn't right. Like for example, what if someone killed your family member and said," Take $1,000,000 for your lost. I am sorry for killing your loved one." That money isn't going to bring back your loved one, now is it? It's like if they killed them and said sorry. Sorry wasn't going to bring them back to life. Saying the word"sorry" isn't going to make ANYTHING better.

      If I asked you what animal would you eat, a dog or a cow, obviously you would say a cow because us humans favortize animals. We are bias towards the dog because it's our pet and how could we ever eat a dog right? Wrong. Many people in other countries eat dogs as a delicacy.We need to stop treating these animals like trash and think about, what if that was you? What if you were that animal? Would you like it if someone forcefully made you have a kid, take away your child and slit your throats when you are still breathing? Don't forget they also torture these animals. I believe we could all be a little more "human".